Oxford Place Centre and Church
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Changes at Oxford Place – September 2013

For many years Oxford Place Centre has been the home both of the Leeds Methodist Mission and Oxford Place Methodist Church. During that time the people of the church have been responsible for both the property and the activities of the church and the mission on Sundays and throughout the week.

From 1st September 2013 the management and use of the property – the Oxford Place Centre – is the responsibility of the Leeds Methodist District through the Leeds Methodist Mission Management Committee (now known as the Leeds Methodist Mission Council).

At the same time the Oxford Place Methodist Church becomes part of a new circuit – the Leeds South and Central Circuit – together with six other churches across south Leeds.

The people of Oxford Place Methodist Church will continue to worship in the Oxford Place Centre and will be involved with Oxford Place Centre as a place of Christian worship and service, but they have relinquished the responsibility for the property.

Our web site has been rebuilt to reflect the changed situation

One part is concerned with the use of the property.

One part is concerned with the activities of the church and its people.

Some of the pages are shared by the two parts

During the period of transition to the new situation, this site is likely to change frequently as new information becomes available and provisional information is clarified.
The old web site is still available and will remain so for some time.

The Methodist Church The management and use of the Oxford Place Centre is overseen on behalf
of the Leeds District of the Methodist Church of Great Britain
by the Leeds Methodist Mission Council.
Leeds Methodist Mission is a Registered Charity (No: 1138731)